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Nude / Natural Lipgloss & Lip Balms for Women of Color

July 20th, 2015 · No Comments · Cosmetics, Reviews

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Now that summer is REALLY here (this heat is ridiculous), it has made me want to lighten up my makeup routine a bit. My “go-to” lip shade for the cooler months is a medium brownish-pink as I find that this color complements my skin tone the best. I am just not that girl that likes to wear orangey or plum/purple shades. In my lipstick and lipgloss stash you will find mostly blue-reds, brownish-pinks and some metallic/iridescent brownish shades that I used to really dig at one time. (Yes, they are a little old. Yes, they are still in my stash. Don’t judge.)

My foundation at this point is kinda sweating off my face in this heat. Therefore, I am going for a lightly made-up face with “glow.” This look calls for a lighter (maybe, nude?) lip gloss. So, it was time to go shopping. On a recent Sunday, I hit up my neighborhood Walgreens to see what the drugstore brands were offering these days.

Though I hate not being able to try on cosmetics when shopping at the drugstore, if you shop at the right places you can “try and return.” Walgreens, Rite-Aid & CVS are just some of the stores that have this policy. As long as you have your receipt (and it’s not over 30 days since purchase) you are free to return the cosmetics to the store if the shades don’t suit you. One benefit: you can try the makeup on in all types of different lighting and see what it really looks like outside. Department store lighting is notoriously bad for testing cosmetics, so I love having the freedom to try a bunch of items outside the store. (Note: Ask your local drugstore’s about their cosmetics return policy. Return policies CAN differ in different locations.)

Okay, here’s my little haul:

1. Wet n’ Wild megaslicks BALM STAIN in “Caffeine Fix” #164A

2. Wet n’ Wild megaslicks BALM STAIN in “Truffle in Paradise” #162A
(this color is darker than a “nude” but I didn’t know how sheer these would go on, so I wanted to try it)

3. Jordana Twist & Shine moisturizing balm stain in “05 honey love”

4. Jordana Modern Matte lipstick in “05 Matte Classy”

5. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in “Pink Truffle – 001”

Nude glosses WOC

Take a look at the colors…

Drugstore lip balms glosses

My thoughts:

1. Caffeine FixWet n Wild - Balm Stain in Caffeine Fix

This Wet n’ Wild Balm Stain felt very silky and moisturing going on. The color didn’t show up drastically on my lips, in fact, I kept applying to get the color to deepen.  It looked like a gloss when I first applied. The more I re-applied it however, the more I didn’t like the effect. Sort of a barely-there color that seemed to match my lip color yet was still slightly “off.” It also didn’t feel long-lasting. I would bet that after a meal it would disappear from your pout. Lastly, I didn’t like the tingling feeling it caused on my lips. There must be some menthol in there.

2. Truffle in Paradise

WnW Balm Stain - Truffle in Paradise

Now, this color in Wet n’ Wild Balm Stain was indeed a STAIN! Unlike the Caffeine Fix, Truffle in Paradise had some staying power. I had to literally soap it off and my lips remained slightly stained. (This was also a much darker color than Caffeine Fix so maybe the stain just shows up better.) The color is very pretty…a glossy, brownish-red. It was actually much deeper than I thought it was going to be. Definitely NOT a nude color. When I rubbed it off, the remaining stain was less intense and more of a strawberry red. My bottom lip looked like ripe fruit! If you are looking for a brownish-red gloss, this is definitely one to try. I am trying to expand my lipstick repertoire, so though pretty, this one is a no-go for me.

3. Honey Love

Jordana Twist & Shine in honey love

Don’t you love that name? Well, I am sorry to report, that that is where the affection ends. This particular Jordana Twist & Shine Balm Stain was another barely-there color. (I guess that’s why it would be considered a “nude.”) Showed up on my lips as a very lightly-tinted gloss. Super shine galore, but just a hint of color. Though this color didn’t look “off” like the Caffeine Fix.

4. Matte Classy

Jordana Modern Matte Lipstick - Matte Classy

Though this Jordana Modern Matte lipstick has a different color name it was very similar to Honey Love. Maybe that is why they both carry the same color number (#05). Just like Honey Love, it was a “blah” color on me. But it was definitely a true “nude.” Close to my lip color after it dried a little, but just too mattte.  Made my lips look nude just SUPER matte. Not a look I am aiming for and it made my lips sort of stick when I pressed them together. Now that’s a weird feeling…don’t likey.

5. Pink Truffle

Revlon Lip Butter Pink Truffle

Earlier I told you that I favor brownish-pinks in lip color. So don’t be surprised that this one was my favorite. It was the best of the bunch…on me. I have been wearing it every day since I picked it up and it compliments my light makeup nicely. I can apply it very lightly for a barely-there glossy look. Or a little heavier to tint my lips more. The gloss is just enough, somewhat less shine than #s 1-3 above which I like. And it is moisturizing, but the moistness sort of dries down the longer you have it on. This is a very nice shade that I think will compliment many skin tones of color.

It’s funny, I thought I wanted a true “nude” but I guess that look is too drastic for my liking. I think a little more color that looks “natural” is what I had been going for all along. And for me, brownish-pink is on fleek.

The best of this bunch: Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Pink Truffle

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