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Maybelline Beauty Balms (BB Cream)

July 18th, 2014 · No Comments · Cosmetics, Reviews, Skin Care, Skin Products

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Maybelline BB cream

When it comes to BB creams, you will either love them or hate them. BB creams hail from Korean where women have been using them for years. They finally made their way across the world to our shores a few years ago and now almost every major US cosmetic brand has created a Beauty Balm.

The best way to describe them…hmmm, sorta like a tinted moisturizer. Better yet, picture a product that falls somewhere between a tinted moisturizer and a liquid foundation and THAT would be BB cream.

Every brand offers a different formulation with different additives and different coverage levels. Though some brands claim that their BBs over full coverage, please not that most BB creams do not. Many Korean women rave about the Korean brands though. So if you are fair-skinned you may want to try some of the Asian brands as I’m sure they have really perfected their formulas by now.

Though US versions are the new kid on the block, one good thing about the Americans entering the game is that the US brands are offering a greater range of colors. Most women of color cannot use the Asian brands because the color range is too limited (and light).

I decided to pick up a couple of Maybelline BB creams in the darker shades to see how they perform.

Maybelline now offers two different Beauty Balms (BB Creams):

  • DREAM FRESH BB 8-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector (with SPF 30 sunscreen)
  • DREAM PURE BB 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Clearing Perfector (with 2% Salicylic Acid)

I picked up the Dream FRESH BB in Medium/Deep Sheer Tint which is one shade lighter than the shade I bought in the Dream PURE BB which was Deep Sheer Tint. You can see the color difference in the photo below. You will also notice that the Dream FRESH BB is much runnier than Dream PURE BB.

Maybelline Dream BBs on Skin

What’s interesting is that once you start rubbing them into your skin, the runnier one actually feels thicker! Maybe that’s because the formulations are different. The runnier one contains titanium dioxide sunscreen (SPF 30) and it really does feel like sunscreen going on. Dream FRESH BB feels much creamier and slightly oilier than Dream Pure BB which feels much lighter as it is applied.

After applying each product to one side of my face, I waited about 45 minutes to do a feel test. Once dry, I could still feel both products on my face when I ran my fingers across my cheeks. They both felt similar once dry; the creamier FRESH BB had just the slightest bit more of tackiness.

Maybelline BB-rubbed in

Maybelline claims…

  • Dream FRESH BB is supposed to: Blur imperfections, enhance, brighten, adjust to skin-tone, smooth, hydrate, and provide sun protection. It contains 0% oils and other heavy ingredients.
    • My thoughts? It provided almost no coverage. Just the minimal amount of “blurring” depending on the color of your marks/spots. It did seem to brighten a bit and adjust to my skin tone (but you still have to make sure you buy the correct color for your complexion. A too light or too dark color is NOT going to adjust.) It did seem to hydrate and did not cause me to get oily on a mild weather day (low 70s). Did not see any “smoothing.” It does contain SPF 30, so it should provide some sun protection but you would have to apply an excessive amount to get to SPF 30, so don’t rely on this. Use sunscreen underneath.

All in all, I was not impressed with Dream FRESH BB. It didn’t do anything I really needed it to do like give me SOME COVERAGE! I think this product is best for people with good skin who might have some minor unevenness with no pronounced dark marks.

TCS gives Maybelline Dream FRESH BB: 2/5 stars

  • Dream PURE BB is supposed to: Clear acne, conceal imperfections, minimize look of pores, reduce appearance of redness, adjust to skin tone, hydrate and smooth, enhance and clarify. It has 0% oils and according to Maybelline has a “light-weight” feel.
    • My thoughts? It provided hardly any coverage; dark spots might be a shade lighter but that’s all. (The more you apply, the more it covers but it starts to look too makeuppy). Did not really reduce appearance of redness/pinkness. Did seem to attempt to adjust to my facial skin tone, though this color was too dark for me and gave me a very tanned look. The pores next to my nose appeared slightly, slightly smaller after applying two light coats. Did seem to provide hydration and did not feel drying at all despite the salicylic acid.

This might be something I would use over my acne blemishes before applying my regular foundation with a blender sponge because I like the fact that it can treat acne. But, then again, I could just apply some regular salicylic acid treatment first. Right? Overall, I am not really excited about this product. Nothing special.

I would recommend this for people who get some acne breakouts, but who overall have good skin and just need a little, light coverage to even out their complexion.

TCS gives Maybelline Dream PURE BB: 2.5/5 stars; nothing to write home about, but like that it treats acne and that it feels light. May work for some chicas.

TCS Tips: (1) These BB creams might be good for those who want a little extra color or need to even out the skin on their legs, back, etc. Seems like these might work great as skin “tanners” as they do not seem to rub off once applied. (2) These BBs go on about 1 to 1.5 shades lighter than they appear when squeezed out of the tube since the formulas are so sheer.


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